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10K, 5K & 2 Mile Walk, Madison, WI

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Peter Kraus

Peter Kraus

Peter Kraus

Peter Kraus is a Madison native. Born and raised on the west side of town, Peter attended Edgewood High School and received his degree in Dietetics from Madison College.

Peter has recently developed an international level of fame from his runner up status on the most recent season of ABC’s “The Bachelorette”, and rose to “stardom” when it was rumored that he was to be selected as the next Bachelor. But long before that, Peter was a successful small business owner and international model who has called Madison home for many years.

Peter began a career in fitness in 2009 when he landed his first training gig here in Madison. Since then he has gone on to manage multiple record setting anytime fitness locations in southern Wisconsin, was selected as a trainer on “Madion’s Biggest Loser”, was awarded Manager of the Year at Anytime Fitness, was named top ten trainer of the year during his time living in Chicago, has completed three Ironman Triathlons, and has had multiple top three short course triathlon finishes.

Throughout his time training, Peter has followed an active modeling career around the world, living in Chicago, Hamburg, Germany, Athens, Greece, Chicago again and Los Angeles. After nine years in the business however, Peter decided to call it quits and moved back home to Madison to start his own training company.

Peter is now the proud owner of WORTH Personal Training, an in-home and mobile personal training business with its home gym on the top floor of the beautiful Lyric Apartments on East Washington Blvd.

Peter spends most of his time now since the Bachelorette, traveling the country doing large scale bootcamps for as many as 400 people at a time! But he is always happy to come back home to his dog Daisy and his business that he loves so very much.

WORTH Personal training is a life style that Peter wanted to create for people in the Madison area. Equipped with four certified trainers, one registered dietitian, and a certified yoga instructor, WORTH Personal Training makes fitness fun, effective and comfortable by doing it in your own home, gym, business, or desired outdoor area. But if youre looking to get out of your daily routine, WORTH also has an amazing location on the top floor of the Lyric Apartments, complete with near 360 degree views of Lake Mendota, Lake Monona, the East Wash neighborhood and the State Capitol.

You can also find Peter teaching at Kamps Fitness on Frances street in his free time.

Through all that Peter has done, he is most proud of his charitable work. Last summer Peter teamed up with The Boys and Girls Club of Dane County to raise over $26,000 for the local organization! He raised nearly $8,000 for GSAFE which supports safe and inclusive schools for LGBTQ youth in Wisconsin, and he has spent multiple weekends each year working with The Make-A-Wish Foundation to raise money for children with life threatening medical conditions so that they may have the wish of their dreams! Just to name a few.

At the end of the day, Peter lives to spread love, health, and happiness. Through his business, his philanthropic work and his time with friends and family. Find Peter at WORTH Personal Training, Kamps Fitness or out and about around town with his dog, Daisy.

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